Pop Up at Rockets & Rascals

We're have a really cool space inside the front door of our cafe, it's about 3m x 3m and lends itself perfectly to "Pop-Up" your business idea or maybe clear some of your old stock or sell the pottery you've been making all summer.

We charge to use this space, our reasoning behind that is that in the first instance we're also paying for the space - but also, we use it as a bit of a filter to make people really think about whether or not to pop up in Rockets & Rascals. Over the years we've had some fun pop-uppers from florists to menswear stores. You can also use the space to launch your new brand, maybe sell medical insurance, sell your book, or promote your venue or event. 

There's a few rules:

1. The space is rented per day and paid for per day in advance

2. No competitor businesses, don't be bringing your coffee business or bikes in we just can't really work with that one I'm afraid.

3. Promote it. We'll promote you popping up on our social media so please make you also promote it across all of your channels - get people in - let's make it work for you! 

4. Don't be hassling the cafe customers, let them browse if they wish.

5. You can only do one day every quarter at a maximum, this is to keep it fresh! 

6. The space gets left nice and tidy at the end.

Costs are:

Weekend days - £100

Weekdays (including during the holidays) - £50

We reserve the right to refuse any booking and we will always ask for a rundown on what you have planned before taking a booking. To book drop in or use the contact form.