Rockets Riders Club


Rockets Riders Club is our homegrown riding community, it's kind of a cycling club but without the committee and requirement to volunteer at time trials on a wet Sunday morning. Mostly it revolves around riding bikes and drinking coffee.

Our rides are every Saturday at 08:30. All rides start, and finish, at Rockets & Rascals on Plymouth's Barbican. It's basically all about the social so if you're looking for a racing club then check out Plymouth Corinthian CC or you fancy all days rides and cafe stops then Yogi is another decent local cycling club. 

Most Saturdays we have three rides:

Rockets Ride which tend to ride 2.5 - 3 hours at an average of around 15-16mph routes posted on our what's on page. 

Rascal Ride ride is a little less energetic, typically averaging 12-13mph and riding for 2 hours.

Rock Zombie Ride - this is mountain bike ride, 2-3 hours also a mix of local trails and maybe you'll take on the initiation.

We also have a social night each quarter

Our next social nights are:

Saturday September 5th 2020 - Beers and Food at RnR

Saturday December 5th 2020 - Christmas Party

Once you've been on a few rides you may want to consider joining the RRC, joining is easy, just buy a jersey and we hope to see your face regularly in RnR.

RRC is Registered with British Cycling and Cycling UK